and Nuance Communications (a Microsoft Company) Announce Key Partnership to Improve Patient Outcomes with Workflow-Integrated AI


SYDNEY, November 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — and Nuance today announced that the global AI company for medical imaging has joined the Nuance Precision Imaging Network™ (PIN), connecting’s workflow orchestration and diagnostic assistance solutions to more than 12,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. is one of the largest medical imaging AI companies in the world, developing robust AI solutions to aid in the interpretation of radiological imaging studies. This year,’s chest X-ray products received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the triage and reporting of a subset of chest X-ray results.

The collaboration between and Nuance Communications (a Microsoft company) also leverages the power of’s AI to enhance the Nuance Clinical Analytics platform. This will complement natural language processing (NLP) within Nuance’s clinical analytics platform to create an advanced AI analytics engine, enabling radiologists to better assess AI results, as well as leverage their historical reports using the power of AI via mPower. The combination of pixel-level information and text-based information helps providers extract deeper meaning from their medical imaging data.

Leveraging the nationwide Nuance PowerScribe and Nuance PowerShare diagnostic imaging solutions, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network connects radiologists, providers, health plans, self-insured employers, life sciences companies life and other imaging stakeholders to expand access to precision diagnostics and therapies, increase healthcare efficiency and reduce costs. It enables secure and transparent sharing of AI information from diagnostic imaging to improve clinical decision-making, improve healthcare team collaboration, and facilitate early disease detection and treatment for better patient outcomes. the patients.

“We want to transform healthcare for patients around the world every day and have already impacted over a million lives around the world through our solutions,” said Lakshmi Gudapakkam, CEO of “We are extremely excited about the enormous potential of this collaboration to empower radiologists and other clinicians through end-to-end workflow support.”

“Almost every patient journey includes at least one diagnostic image,” said Roland Dias, vice president of Nuance PIN. “We are proud to innovate with and help bring significant benefits to our radiology community by enabling faster clinical decision-making as well as supporting better quality in reporting and analysis with their advanced imaging AI models.

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With accelerating advances in medical imaging technology, radiologists and other healthcare providers must now diagnose patients quickly and accurately. merges the highest quality imaging data with the best of computing to produce comprehensive AI clinical decision support solutions, empowering clinicians to make accurate and faster decisions. Our patient-centric approach is proudly clinician-led and stems from a deep understanding of the challenges facing medical imaging. Our AI solutions give clinicians a second pair of eyes, enabling them to detect with confidence and achieve better patient health outcomes. is a joint venture between Australian health technology company and one of the world’s largest radiology companies, I–MED Radiology Network, a partnership that expands the capacity of analytics AI imaging to provide complete modality solutions. The company has offices in Australiathe UK, the Netherlandsand the United States



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