Andretti plans F2 and F3 entries to promote American talent within the F1 team

Andretti plans F2 and F3 entries to promote American talent within the F1 team

Andretti has begun moving to new facilities on the Silverstone Park estate as its F1 project continues to progress, and the plan is also to occupy a larger adjacent building.

Assuming the team’s entry into F1 ultimately gets the green light, it will base the F3 and F2 programs at the new venue.

The intention is also to move the Formula E team from its current base in nearby Banbury and possibly add a sports car program as well.

“It will mainly concern F1, these two facilities,” said Michael Andretti. “But we also want to bring our Formula E team and start integrating it here.”

“Our goal is to have an F3/F2 team to help support the F1 team, and maybe even a WEC team. So we want to make it our hub for European races. So there are a lot of cool projects in this area.

Andretti emphasized that promoting American talent is the main goal of the junior junior category programs, although they will not be limited to those originating from the United States.

“It’s not just about American drivers, but it will be a good scale for American drivers,” he told Autosport. “We will always seek out the best talent in the world.”

Photo by: Andreas Beil

“But it’s going to give an American driver a fair chance, because normally when an American comes here, they’re not treated the same way.

“Here on our team, you’re going to be treated fairly, throughout the system and on top of that for us, we can then really tell the talent, how real it is or not.

“Because a lot of times we don’t know it, a father can pay for 200 days of tests and things like that to make his child look good!” So here we will know what we have.

Dan Towriss, partner at Andretti Global, has admitted that a commitment to the F2 and F3 programs is pending confirmation of an entry into F1.

“It’s going to be linked to the finalization of the F1 part,” he told Autosport. “But driver development has always been a hallmark of Michael, who looks for talent.”

“This is something that is very important to him, so whatever series we are in, there will be a development series that will create the drivers of the future.

“We are very excited about the Wheldon boys that we have brought with us. And by the time we have an F3 team, young Sebastian will be ready for it. »

Towriss stressed that it made sense to bring American pilots to Europe early in their careers.

“Sometimes people think, ‘Oh, they just want to bring in IndyCar drivers,'” he said. “I think there are talented IndyCar drivers who can absolutely make the jump right now.

“We want to have a development series with F3 and F2 to develop drivers to elevate them, making sure American drivers come in at the right time and have every opportunity to claim a seat in F1.”


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