A racing driver’s guide to a weekend in Jeddah

A racing driver’s guide to a weekend in Jeddah

4. Best places to taste Jeddah cuisine: Al Nakheel and Twina Park

In addition to cars, Juffali is passionate about food. “Food is an integral part of our culture,” she said. “And because we have so many influences from our neighboring countries, Saudi cuisine is kind of a delicious melting pot. The culinary scene is unique because the city is very multicultural and the hospitality is incredible. It’s like nowhere elsewhere.”

For local specialties, Juffali loves Saudi dates (Bateel is her favorite brand) and cardamom-infused Saudi coffee – so much so that these are the only products she insists on taking with her whenever she travels.

And for dining out, Juffali recommends Al Nakheel – a family restaurant on Jeddah’s Corniche, which serves spicy dishes from the Hijazi region in a lush palm grove – her favorites being grilled lamb chops or “any kebab dishes.” . Alternatively, Juffali heads to Twina Park, a vibrant yet traditional restaurant specializing in fresh, locally sourced seafood, where she orders fried fish served with shrimp and red rice.

On days when she just wants a quick but satisfying meal, Juffali suggests AlBaik, the hugely popular Saudi fast food chain. It serves “the tastiest fried chicken served in a foil tray,” Juffali said. “It’s so popular that “people wait around 20-30 minutes.” And for a quick street snack, the famous Saudi dish, balila, consists of boiled chickpeas served hot with various spices and herbs and is almost always garnished with pickles. This is one of Juffali’s favorite bites when she walks around Jeddah. “I don’t have a favorite booth,” she said, “but I would recommend choosing the one that seems most crowded.”

Address: Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +966 50 7884 242
Instagram: @alnakheel_ksa



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