7 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes That Aren’t Corned Beef

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When I was studying in London, I was lucky enough to jump over the Irish Sea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, commemorating Ireland’s patron saint.

My friends and I were on the sidelines of the grand Dublin parade on Dame Street, watching the rugby, serving the green and drinking generous amounts of Guinness and whiskey in several different pubs. I can’t say what part of the day was spent in tourist indulgence, but I had a great time.

When I returned in June, I lived on the Northside for two months and came to appreciate a different side to the city – and its food and drink. I always loved pubs, Guinness and whisky, but the simpler, calmer pleasures of cups of tea, hearty bread and a vegetarian Irish breakfast that I found in the city center also shaped what was one of the best summers of my life.

Irish cuisine reflects its culture – welcoming and warm – and these recipes from our recipe finder are proof of that. Filled with cabbage, potatoes, lamb, whole grains and, of course, stout, here are some must-try classics.

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