5 things we want to see from the Galaxy Z Fold 6 – Android Police

5 things we want to see from the Galaxy Z Fold 6 – Android Police


  • The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to feature a slimmer design, new hinge, and better aspect ratio for an improved user experience.
  • A crease-free display with an anti-glare coating on the cover screen could improve the overall appeal of the device.
  • Major camera improvements are needed to justify the high cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 compared to its competitors.

Samsung is one of the best Android smartphone manufacturers and a pioneer in the field of foldable devices. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 remains one of the best foldable smartphones today, and even if other manufacturers have caught up and taken over in several departments, it remains a solid option.

The next in the series, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, is expected to arrive in mid-July, and here are 5 things I want to see improved, related to camera, battery, screen, overall design and the form factor.

1 Some major design improvements

A slimmer design, new hinge and 20:9 aspect ratio would be great to see

I had the chance to drive the Porsche Design HONOR Magic V2 RSR daily, which made me fall in love with the large screen, extremely thin design (for a foldable), and compact form factor that still had a large screen . As a Galaxy Z Fold 4 user, I would love nothing more than a slightly wider cover screen, a significantly thinner design than the Fold 5, and a different aspect ratio for the two screens.

The result would make the phone much closer to standard devices, and while it would still weigh more and be much thicker, it would make it much more user-friendly. The extra weight is easy to get used to, but the size can make or break it for many people, and this is Samsung’s way of making the Fold 6 appealing to even more people, including enthusiasts like Me.

2 A wrinkle-free display

How about an anti-glare coating on the cover screen, Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 held in hand with browser open

While it’s safe to say that Samsung has improved the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s hinge mechanism, it’s far from perfect and the crease is still there. In a world where other phone makers have managed to remove it or make it as less intrusive as possible, it’s only fair that we ask Samsung to do the same.

This kink is a major turnoff for many people who aren’t interested in technology, and even more advanced users. I often say that it’s something you can get used to, and while that’s true, I suppose it’s similar to when people first started seeing the notch. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It will always be there.


Samsung brings one of the best parts of the Galaxy S24 Ultra to smaller models with this accessory

Although expensive, the official Galaxy S24 screen protector has one key advantage over third-party offerings.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has an anti-reflective coating that makes the screen less reflective of light. It’s a flagship feature, which makes me wonder if we might see it on the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Since the coating is on top of the glass, it’s unclear if it might be applied to the Galaxy Z Fold 6. main screen, but the cover screen could benefit from it. From this.

3 Major camera improvements

We need flagship cameras on a phone that costs this much

Blue Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is held to show camera array

There’s not much to say about the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s camera other than it gets the job done. However, given that the phone costs nearly 1.5 times as much as the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra, it’s downright unforgivable that Samsung continues to equip its most expensive foldable with the same sensor every year.

While we’ve seen major improvements in the camera department, they haven’t been massive or significant. It’s time to have a range of high-end cameras with better quality to enhance photos and videos. Having a decent camera isn’t enough anymore, and other phone makers like Google and OnePlus have proven that it’s possible. It’s time to step up a gear, Samsung.


Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 needs the S24 Ultra’s camera

Samsung has fallen behind the competition in key areas, and it’s time for the Korean giant to step back and evaluate

4 An integrated S Pen slot

I want to carry my stylus without a case

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 held in hand with the yellow S Pen

Source: Samsung

Having a slim, compact S Pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is great, and it makes signing documents, sketching, and drawing really fun and a joy. The stylus is a great addition to the Galaxy Z Fold series, and it packs even more features into a compact body, making people choose the Fold over the Galaxy S24 Ultra, in some cases.

While space constraints are an issue for devices like the Fold, carrying the S Pen in a case is just inconvenient. Cases often add a significant level of thickness and additional width or depth to already larger-than-average devices, making them uncomfortable and often impractical to carry. To carry and use the stylus more frequently, we need a built-in S Pen slot, similar to that of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

5 Faster charging and better battery life

45W isn’t enough in a world where modern flagships support 60W to 120W charging.

Bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, showing the speaker cutouts, microphone and USB-C charging port

The age-old demand for popular phone manufacturers to improve their charging capacity remains. Companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple, to name a few, continue to refuse to adopt faster charging standards and technologies, further degrading the user experience.

Samsung has included its 45W wired charging solution for several years, and while the company has significantly improved charging speeds from 0 to 50%, a full charge still requires more than an hour. In a world where companies like OnePlus, HONOR and other phone makers are offering 60W and in some cases 100W and 120W fast wired charging solutions, we need to demand more because it is possible and proven as being effective and safe for consumers without affecting the longevity of the battery cell.

Additionally, Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard that makes it easier to align the smartphone with the charger using magnets. Qi2 is only available on a few select devices, and it would be great to see it on the Fold 6.


Faster charging is the only thing I want from 2024 flagship phones

Can we get rid of these slow 25W chargers already?

We’re open to some surprises, Samsung

We already know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 device, or potentially devices. And we expect to see a larger, wider cover and main screen that will become more user-friendly when typing and generally using the device.

Recent reports claim we’ll see the same thing quick-wiring charging solution like on older models, and the camera might not see much improvement either. As always, these are just rumors, and we’re still a few months away from seeing the new Galaxy Z series of devices, which are expected to arrive in mid-July.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

$1,400 $1,800 Save $400

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 doesn’t particularly wow us, we sure appreciate the subtle improvements it sports over its already decent predecessor. Although we didn’t get to see some of the changes we were hoping for – like improved battery life – the disappointment was made up for with a powerful chipset, aesthetically pleasing hinge, and improved camera setup.



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