5 Samsung Galaxy AI features to discover

5 Samsung Galaxy AI features to discover

Smartphone translation programs like Google Translate have long proven to be extremely useful tools for those who need to converse with someone who speaks another language. Using the power of AI, Samsung Galaxy has taken the usefulness of machine translation technology to the next level by offering users the ability to translate their phone calls on the fly. This cool feature is known as Live Translation.

With live translation enabled, the Samsung Galaxy line can automatically translate speech on one side of a phone call to an entirely different language on the other side of the call. For example, users can speak in English and have their words translated into Spanish as they speak. At the same time, the person on the other side of the call can speak in Spanish and have their words translated into English so the user can understand.

It is essential that Live Translation’s translated audio and written transcript be sent to the recipient while the opposing person is speaking. This feature allows Samsung Galaxy users to have a smooth phone call with someone who speaks a completely different language without taking frequent pauses, manually recording a sentence and translating it using a translation app.

Live Translation currently supports up to 13 different languages. This technology is not limited to use during phone calls either. By enabling the Interpreter feature on a Samsung Galaxy, the phone can also use the same process to translate live conversations spoken in person. Overall, it’s a feature worth trying, especially for those who frequently travel abroad.


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