2024 NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles explore trade, could consider top cornerback prospect


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Few NFL teams tend to move as often as the Philadelphia Eagles. And this year may be no exception. Days before the start of the 2024 draft, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman explored a trade for the club’s No. 22 selection, according to ESPN, with potentially a top cornerback prospect in mind.

Roseman recently admitted to reporters that he enjoys “talking to other teams” in an effort to “work together,” joking that trading is his favorite part of the offseason. Many in the NFL, meanwhile, believe the general manager is coveting a new cover man, as ESPN reported, which could lead to a first-round jump.

Alabama’s Terrion Arnold and Toledo’s Quinyon Mitchell are the two consensus top cornerbacks in this year’s class, and both were widely projected top-15 selections. Roseman has never selected a corner in the first round since becoming Eagles general manager in 2010, but he recently suggested other factors played a role in that record. He does, however, have a habit of trading to new slots on the first day of the draft.

In fact, the Eagles traded three straight draft picks before this week’s event. In 2021, after initially moving down from No. 6 overall, Roseman moved up to No. 10 to select wide receiver DeVonta Smith. A year later, in 2022, the team traded for selected defensive lineman Jordan Davis, then flipped its second Day 1 pick for veteran wide receiver AJ Brown. And then last year they moved up to No. 9 to take Davis’ former teammate Jalen Carter.


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