2024 NFL Draft: Commanders GM Adam Peters says team is ‘very close’ to making a decision on No. 2 pick


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Don’t expect the Washington Commanders to move down the draft board when they come in with the second overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. At least that’s what general manager Adams says Peters, one week before the debates.

“We feel good staying at No. 2,” Peters said. via ESPN. “I don’t see many downside scenarios.”

The Chicago Bears are widely expected to take USC quarterback Caleb Williams first overall. The Commanders are rumored to be deciding between LSU’s Jayden Daniels and North Carolina’s Drake Maye, but we obviously don’t know which way they’ll go yet. .

Peters says they’re still narrowing things down, but their pick will be locked in fairly soon.

“We are very close” he said. “Still a few things in the works… We don’t need to make a decision until we need to make a decision; there’s no rush with this. We’ll probably have a good idea what we’ll do early next week.”

The commanders brought in four shifts for preliminary visits at the same time, and Peters believes that gave them the opportunity to get a different type of evaluation than you might get during individual visits.

“The cool thing is we get to see them all together as a group,” Peters said. via ESPN. “They all spent a lot of time individually with the coaches and with us. They were also staggered when they came in. It was a good mix of that and working together in a fun environment.”

Whatever choice they make, it will certainly be the most important decision of Peters’ tenure, as well as that of head coach Dan Quinn and new owner Josh Harris. The Commanders have been looking for a franchise quarterback seemingly forever, and they’re lucky to find one here.


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