14 states, 1 territory, more than 1,300 delegates. Welcome to Super Tuesday.

14 states, 1 territory, more than 1,300 delegates. Welcome to Super Tuesday.


Check back for live updates across the country, as more than a dozen states head to vote.

WASHINGTON – Super Tuesday has finally arrived.

Fourteen states and one American territory will vote on Tuesday, representing more than 30% of the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.

And what a wild day it was.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is looking to continue his momentum after a resounding victory in South Carolina on Saturday. Also working in its favor? Senator Amy Klobuchar and former mayor Pete Buttigieg, both seen as competitors for more centrist voters, have given up since Saturday and have supported the former vice president.

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But Biden faces a tough battle against Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been the favorite so far in the campaign. Sanders leads the national delegate race and also conducts polls in several key states, including California and Texas – two of the largest states with the most delegates to win. Sanders has campaigned intensively in these states since winning the Nevada caucus.

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Biden, however, has focused much of his campaigning efforts in South Carolina. He is now playing catch-up with Sanders and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who chose not to participate in the first votes to focus on the states of Super Tuesday. But Bloomberg has yet to win a single national delegate and has been severely attacked by fellow candidates in two recent debates.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren is also looking to create a sensation, having slowly lost momentum in recent weeks. She placed third in the Iowa Premier Caucus, but has not made the top 3 since. But Warren has repeatedly stated that his campaign is designed for the long term and that he may consider participating in the race until the July convention.




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